International Schools Partnership


The ISP Difference

Straits International School was acquired by the International Schools Partnership (ISP) in October 2021. ISP is a growing and globally-recognised group of 60 international schools located in 17 countries all over the world, and is committed to a learning-first culture of ‘getting better’.

As part of a collaborative international education network, we have access to proven educational methods, passionate child education experts, and a philosophy of Amazing Learning that encourages students to push through the obstacles facing their learning and grow faster and stronger than they could have ever imagined. 

Just as importantly, our students can build exceptional life-skills through international learning opportunities, such as the ISP Model United Nations, ISP Maths Challenge and ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange.  

Amazing Learning Happens Here

We want our students to experience Amazing Learning. Amazing Learning happens when our students surprise themselves by reaching a level beyond what they thought was possible. While this may not happen every day, it should happen often enough that our students can take that memory of excelling beyond themselves into their adult lives; knowing if they focus on a goal and apply themselves diligently, they can reach amazing levels of achievement. 
We have an unshakeable belief that all of our students continually achieve learning that is ‘value-added’ and, occasionally, experience learning that is truly amazing. It’s what our children, students and families deserve. It’s why we have set the bar as high as we have. 

Exceptional Opportunities

The formative school years are about more than getting exam ready. At Straits International School Rawang, every student has the chance to experience learning outside the classroom, hone life skills and connect with ISP students from around the world.

Our students choose from a suite of exciting programmes that cater to their unique needs, passions and ambitions. They can develop their language and communication skills, place classroom learning in context, and create friendships across the world, all in a safe and secure environment.

Programmes include:

12-17 Years Old
October – December

This six-week programme gives students the opportunity to gain real-world learning skills and develop greater independence, plus a chance to connect with people from other countries and cultures.

13 – 18 Years Old

Students gather from around the world to simulate a real United Nations conference, where they debate and solve international issues following the ideals of the Charter of the United Nations. Student delegates learn about diplomacy, international relations, public speaking, debating and critical thinking skills, while improving their teamwork and leadership abilities.

5 – 16 Years Old

Students work together on an environmental project, making positive changes in school or within the wider school community. They apply for a small grant to deliver their environmental project, gaining valuable experience in teamwork, project planning, and in writing an application. The opportunity to lead a project of their own idea promotes leadership, and supports students to develop transferable skills in project management.

13 – 18 Years Old
February – June

Budding filmmakers complete a four-month course, learning about everything from storyboarding to special effects in sessions delivered by experts from the film industry. This unforgettable multi-disciplinary project gives students the tools they need to work in teams to script, film and edit their own short film, and grants them the exciting opportunity to get feedback from film industry professionals. No film festival would be complete without an awards ceremony with guest speakers and incredible prizes!

5 – 18 Years Old

Students compete in a range of exciting team and individual competitions online, collecting points and prizes over one week. Mathematicians go head-to-head with other students in real-time races which test the speed and accuracy of their mathematics fluency. The programme is designed to motivate students so they can feel proud of the progress they are making in this dynamic learning environment.

14-17 Years Old
January – July

The real-world learning skills and greater independence that students gain is phenomenal as they plan for a trip across the world, live with a host family, attend another ISP school, immerse in a new culture and embark on a journey of remarkable personal growth. Students are meticulously paired according to their age, gender, interests, and hobbies to ensure they build their friendship even before they travel and go on to nurture their relationship beyond the trip.

14 – 16 Years Old

Students meet other ISP students from all over the world to experience amazing and diverse learning opportunities, while having fun and making new friends. It offers a variety of learning-focused, team building and outdoor activities.

8 – 14 Years Old
February – June

Aspiring scientists take part in a series of workshops with professionals to develop their skills in data collection, analysis and science communication. Participants design their own STEM investigation, with access to cutting-edge technology to test their hypothesis and complete their research for their final communication piece to influence environmental change in their local area. Students connect with each other to share their experiences, and their data is used by scientists as part of a global international research project.

5-13 Years Old
April – May

A joyful English reading and literacy programme that accelerates students’ reading skills on the award-winning platform Reading Eggs. They write stories with the inspiration and guided support of the Story Factory, as well as participate in a variety of narrative-based activities in the classroom and beyond, online with other ISP Schools from across the globe.

5-18 Years old
March – June

This exciting international competition brings teams of students together to play fast chess in an online tournament, competing in regional heats with the winning teams going through to the finals. As well as fantastic prizes, the best players have the opportunity to play against a chess grandmaster and learn first-hand from them! Players improve their game, develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills, and have great fun.

5-18 Years Old

Street Child United (SCU) is the official charity partner of ISP, and they do amazing work campaigning for the rights and protection of street-connected young people. Our school supports SCU’s work through fundraising activities, with the partnership giving students the opportunity to connect and support some of the most vulnerable young people in the world.

Choose something you love to do or try something completely new.

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